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Monthly Archives: maig 2014

Following the snow!

Do you ever feel completely alone, without the willingness and energy to follow a sunny day? No? Well, I do. It was the 27th of May, I was on my way back home from work. Because of walking next to the Cathedral of Vic, after seeing its main entrance opened, I decided to enter and

L’Anna, voluntària europea al Centre Ocupacional de Calldetenes!

Des del mes de Novembre del 2013 i fins el Juliol del 2014 tindrem entre nosaltres l’Anna Grumo, una voluntària del Servei de Voluntariat Europeu (S.V.E). El Servei de Voluntariat Europeu és un projecte de la Comissió Europea per a la Joventut , INJUVE i la Secretaria de Joventut de la Generalitat de Catalunya ,


One MAN, who I miss a lot and who is so impacient because of my absence in Poland, decided to steal few days of my voluntary service and came to Spain to spent with me a lovely weekend in Barcelona! It was an amazing, unforgettable time that makes me feel more depressed after getting back