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If we talk about weather…

Unfortunately the time has come… for winter! I know it’s a little strange when I said it almost in the middle of December but until yesterday morning I didn’t really feel before that I will ever see winter here.

I never in my life experienced such a diversity as here. 2  days ago I was in Barcelona and during one moment of the day there was around 20 degree with cloudless sky. Somepeople were sunbathing on the beach, some of the guys were still surfing in the sea. What can I say other than this: Vic is different. When you look at the map it seems that 70 km is so little, but if we talk about weather… it’s a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong in Barcelona it’s getting cold as well, especially in the morning but when I came back to Vic I felt I will freeze!

Just take a look of some of those pictures and feel the pain that I felt. Despite all we still didn’t have any snow. Everything you see it’s just a hoarfrost…

It happened what I feared the most… I can’t imagine my life now without mountains… and what now ?

Michał Kapeliński